DANGER! DANGER! The Reverse Pyramid

Companies often compile what I call the reverse pyramid and use it to direct Marketing activities and spend in order to achieve targeted growth. The thinking goes something like this:  Take the average deal size (ADS) – calculate the average selling price (ASP) – then compute how many MORE ASDs […]

SCOUT RFP earns the BRAND badge!!

I think you’ll find this episode of the BRAND series to be inspiring and enlightening. The story really illustrates that brand lives in the heart and mind of the customer and resonates in how they connect with your product or service. Before we visit Scout RFP let’s look at two […]

A Mindful Pause

When I started From the Road, I had a simple goal – share what works. Subscribers are saying that despite all that is new, some basic principles prevail. There are customers looking for more and there are innovative providers – someone and something for everyone. Connecting these two entities is […]

Product Positioning: Different or Better

You don’t want to leave your salespeople hanging! Accurate positioning is the foundation for effective marketing and successful selling. Join me and listen to this exclusive interview with Greg Coticchia – author, professor and extraordinary marketer as he explains the importance of product positioning. Understanding how your product is different […]

Go To Market

I love this declaration!  It is that pivotal moment when a company takes their offer, their solution to the buyer. It is the time when aspirations meet reality. Good marketers understand ‘go to market’ and all the strategy that precedes it and the tactics that follow it. Like these giraffes, you […]