DANGER! DANGER! The Reverse Pyramid

Companies often compile what I call the reverse pyramid and use it to direct Marketing activities and spend in order to achieve targeted growth. The thinking goes something like this:  Take the average deal size (ADS) – calculate the average selling price (ASP) – then compute how many MORE ASDs […]

Outsmart the Brand Police

A couple of weeks ago we spoke with marketing leader Michaela Dempsey about the brand of her company Scout RFP. The essence of their brand – their relationship with their customers – was a good introduction to brand. This week we’re speaking with Kevin Kerner, CEO of Mighty & True. […]

Segmentation and MORE

It’s impossible to live without segmentation.  White shirts hang next to the blue strip shirts and are worn with tan suits. Blue cheese goes with fruit in a dessert course or blue cheese gets crumbled into a salad. All the toy trucks and cars go into the yellow bin. Socks […]

SCOUT RFP earns the BRAND badge!!

I think you’ll find this episode of the BRAND series to be inspiring and enlightening. The story really illustrates that brand lives in the heart and mind of the customer and resonates in how they connect with your product or service. Before we visit Scout RFP let’s look at two […]

Come to Dollywood with me!

 I’ve been preparing a series of episodes on brand.As life would have it, I joined my sister’s birthday trip to Dollywood in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Besides being entertaining and fun, Dollywood is brand perfection. I think you’ll enjoy the travelogue and I hope it will entice you to listen to upcoming […]

Cha-Ching!! Make the Cash Register Ring

A few weeks ago, I shared some ideas on the meaning of “qualified” and disclosed that I sometimes use a magic wand to create qualified leads. Some contacts are qualified because of the way they “look” – right size company, right vertical, right title lalalala. This is like choosing a […]

The MQL, the Seller and the Magic Wand

Recently, an article in Atlantic Daily written by technology watcher Alexis Madrigal declares the telephone culture of the last century to be dead. According to Madrigal 80 to 90 percent of calls are spam – robocallers leaving messages, cyborg telemarketers, spam callers simply verifying your number is real and working.  […]

A Mindful Pause

When I started From the Road, I had a simple goal – share what works. Subscribers are saying that despite all that is new, some basic principles prevail. There are customers looking for more and there are innovative providers – someone and something for everyone. Connecting these two entities is […]

INTENT – Desire Leads to Commitment

Predictive analytics may be able to improve performance for Tech B2B but it isn’t new. There’s evidence of predictive analytics used during World War II to improve anti-aircraft artillery – 75 years ago.  What is NEW is the idea that Marketing can improve the performance of demand creation by gaining […]

Pivot to Government – Market for Growth

Is your company begging for a government ‘go to market’ strategy? If the answer is yes, this week’s From the Road episode is for you! My guest is Lou Anne Brossman, CEO of Virtual Marketing Inc. and founder of a learning platform dedicated to Government Marketing – Government Marketing University. […]