DANGER! DANGER! The Reverse Pyramid

Companies often compile what I call the reverse pyramid and use it to direct Marketing activities and spend in order to achieve targeted growth. The thinking goes something like this:  Take the average deal size (ADS) – calculate the average selling price (ASP) – then compute how many MORE ASDs […]

Cha-Ching!! Make the Cash Register Ring

A few weeks ago, I shared some ideas on the meaning of “qualified” and disclosed that I sometimes use a magic wand to create qualified leads. Some contacts are qualified because of the way they “look” – right size company, right vertical, right title lalalala. This is like choosing a […]

The MQL, the Seller and the Magic Wand

Recently, an article in Atlantic Daily written by technology watcher Alexis Madrigal declares the telephone culture of the last century to be dead. According to Madrigal 80 to 90 percent of calls are spam – robocallers leaving messages, cyborg telemarketers, spam callers simply verifying your number is real and working.  […]