Watching Flowers Grow

I was inspecting my violets for new growth and realized that for me personally – flowers and plants rest my mind. During the last year, when anxiety could have gotten the better of me, I stayed calm and focused by counting new leaves. Everyday I inspected the plants on my […]

Money and Marketing – Marketing Headcount – Part 2

The right construct for the marketing organization starts with the Marketing Plan. Here’s a quick look at the Marketing Plan. In the plan, marketing is laying out the programs that will be required to deliver the revenue target for the company. Finance provides guidance on the company’s operating plan, which […]

Money and Marketing – Part 1 – The Program Budget

This is a guide and is based on leading analyst guidance. Multiply the company quota for NEW license revenue by 4-6% to find the Marketing Programs Budget (MPB). License revenue can be revenue from annual subscriptions (as-a-service models) or actual license revenue – whatever revenue you recognize in your fiscal […]