Product Positioning: Different or Better

You don’t want to leave your salespeople hanging! Accurate positioning is the foundation for effective marketing and successful selling.

Join me and listen to this exclusive interview with Greg Coticchia – author, professor and extraordinary marketer as he explains the importance of product positioning. Understanding how your product is different and being able to attach value to the differences is critical. This is the money maker – spending sales cycles or marketing dollars defending how you are the same as the competition or trying to validate that your product is better than others doesn’t always have a happy ending.

Instead, understand how your product will be used – understand the job that they buyer must do using your product – and telling the story of how your product makes the job faster, easier, more reliable is the benefit of choosing your product over others. This is a story that attracts buyers and closes deals.

I encourage product and marketing to look at how the product will improve outcomes, literally changing the nature of the work that the buyer/user is doing. When we listen to the buyer talk about their work and their aspirations for what they would like to achieve using a product like yours - you will hear them describe the differences they are willing to pay for and the product they want to buy. Positioning your differentiators makes your product more desirable and valuable for the buyer. Pricing becomes less of an issue and the conversion rate of qualified leads to sales improves.

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Greg referenced a number of seminal books on marketing – including Greg’s book Start Your Startup Right. You can get this list on our website here.