Segmentation and MORE

It’s impossible to live without segmentation.  White shirts hang next to the blue strip shirts and are worn with tan suits. Blue cheese goes with fruit in a dessert course or blue cheese gets crumbled into a salad. All the toy trucks and cars go into the yellow bin. Socks […]

Come to Dollywood with me!

 I’ve been preparing a series of episodes on brand.As life would have it, I joined my sister’s birthday trip to Dollywood in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Besides being entertaining and fun, Dollywood is brand perfection. I think you’ll enjoy the travelogue and I hope it will entice you to listen to upcoming […]

A Mindful Pause

When I started From the Road, I had a simple goal – share what works. Subscribers are saying that despite all that is new, some basic principles prevail. There are customers looking for more and there are innovative providers – someone and something for everyone. Connecting these two entities is […]