SCOUT RFP earns the BRAND badge!!

I think you’ll find this episode of the BRAND series to be inspiring and enlightening. The story really illustrates that brand lives in the heart and mind of the customer and resonates in how they connect with your product or service.

Before we visit Scout RFP let’s look at two iconic brands and their latest campaigns. Coca-Cola names their beverage after customers having fun, personalizing their beverage choice and linking it to the “fun”. Apple’s  “Shot on an iPhone” campaign connects the iPhone to every memory - making every customer into a videographer, recording special moments.

In this episode of the BRAND series, you will learn how:

  • Being a customer-focused marketer pays dividends in brand building and bookings growth
  • Learn how smart early-stage companies stand-up marketing programs with limited budget dollars
  • How to leverage industry analysts to enhance brand credibility
  • Learn how Scout sponsored Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders group is enabling Scout to connect with their customers and live their brand

Creating a memorable brand identity requires a consistent and deliberate approach led by marketing that engages everyone in the company - from sales to product management to finance.

This story is told by my guest  Michaela Dempsey,  Senior Director of Marketing at Scout RFP, a SaaS-enabled procurement and sourcing platform based in San Francisco. She has experience and a track record of success in brand, product marketing, demand gen, and other marketing functions. At Scout, she has helped to cultivate and foster a brand that rests on the customer experience.

Enjoy and send me your brand stories. I know you have them - all unique and memorable.