The Perfect CMO Cocktail – Shaken Not Stirred

In this episode of From The Road, I share four characteristics of a successful CMO.

A frequent question I hear from a CEO is what to look for when hiring a CMO. Sometimes the CEO is considering whether to promote the current VP of Marketing to CMO and invest in a bigger team or whether they should hire a CMO from the outside. Just like mixing the perfect cocktail, you want the best ingredients in just the right proportion.

In this episode, I’m sharing the four characteristics that are sometimes overlooked. These traits can make a difference and minimize the risk of this important hire or promotion:

  1. Insatiable curiosity about your market and the world in general
  2. A comfort level with constructive conflict and an ability to lead change
  3. Respect for selling and ideally previous experience as a seller
  4. Resourceful problem solver

After listening to the episode, I would really enjoy reading your ‘must have’ traits for an effective CMO.

Speaking with you from the road - Safe travels! Until next time.